Motorail services in Germany

You can travel through Germany from north to south using a number of motorail (accompanied car train) services. You will enjoy a comfortable journey and reach your destination in Southern Germany, Austria, Italy or neighbouring regions in comfort overnight. You can choose between different levels of comfort by making reservations for a couchette or a sleeper cabin.

Three motorail operators offer services in Germany. You can book tickets for their services on the following webpages:

The most important operator is Urlaubs-Express, while the Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s largest railway Company, is no longer offering any services. The available services cover the following routes:

  • Hamburg – Verona (Northern Italy); operator: Urlaubs-Express
  • Hamburg – Munich; operator: Urlaubs-Express
  • Hamburg – Villach (Carinthia); operator: Urlaubs-Express
  • Hamburg – Lörrach (German-Swiss border); operator: BTE
  • Hamburg – Vienna; operator: ÖBB
  • Düsseldorf – Innsbruck (Tyrol); operator: ÖBB
  • Düsseldorf – Verona (Northern Italy); operator: Urlaubs-Express
  • Düsseldorf – Munich; operator: Urlaubs-Express
  • Düsseldorf – Villach (Carinthia); operator: Urlaubs-Express

Season of operation: The routes Hamburg to Lörrach, Hamburg to Vienna and Düsseldorf to Innsbruck are on offer throughout the year. The routes Hamburg to Munich and Hamburg to Düsseldorf operates in winter and summer with a break in between. All other routes only operate in high season in summer.

Your journey: If you travel from Scandinavia you should choose a motorail service operating from the station Hamburg-Altona. If you start your journey from the Netherlands and Belgium, services from Düsseldorf are much more convenient.

A tip for tourists with destinations in Slovenia or Croatia: Use the service to Villach station which is located only a few kilometres away from the Austrian-Slovenian border. From there you can quickly reach Istria and the Adriatic coast.

Please check the websites of the respective train operators Urlaubs-Express, BTE and ÖBB for further details. All websites are also available in English and you can book your tickets there directly.